Personalized Nutrition Coaching Package


Personalized Nutrition Coaching Package

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Elyse’s inspirational nutrition sessions are geared towards helping young, female athletes overcome food anxieties and harmful eating habits. In our hour together, you will discover how food can help you become a better athlete. Healthy eating should be both indulgent and nourishing at the same time. Eating real food helps athletes feel stronger and perform better all without deprivation.

Elyse will explain why dieting does not work and help you overcome misleading and harmful diet habits. She will teach you to navigate the grocery store like a champ, overcome sugar cravings, incorporate healthy fats into your diet to balance your hormones and metabolism, and fuel right to live your best life. Elyse is not a doctor or registered dietician and will not give medical advice or prescribe supplements.


  • Reviewing your health goals and a food diary in advance to make customized recommendations
  • One hour together via live video chat to inspire lifelong real food habits
  • Follow-up email with further tips, quick and easy recipes, and a sample meal plan
  • Unlimited questions via email for 30 days